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After-sale Policy


Product after-sales basis: Before the product leaves the factory, there will be our product nameplate on the right front of each vehicle, and there will be our exclusive VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) on the front of the right side beam

Product after-sales service scope

Product after-sales service scope

One-year warranty for main beam and frame breakage, one-year warranty for axle breakage, half-year warranty for door leaf problems, other accessories are implemented according to the after-sales policy of the accessory factory, and unfinished matters can be resolved through negotiation.

After-sales method: Take a complete video of your after-sales vehicle, shooting sequence: nameplate-large frame number-damaged location, take a long-distance shot of the whole vehicle, and then describe the problem situation (problem situation, load situation, road conditions) , send an email to, we will contact you as soon as possible.

After-sales method

After-sales method

Domestic customers can directly go to our repair station for repairs, and replace new parts if they cannot be repaired. Foreign users also use the same method. If there is no service station in the area, we can mail the parts and bear the repair cost, or the customer repairs by himself, and we bear the repair cost.


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