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60 tons of barn type semi-trailer

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60 tons of barn type semi-trailer

Warehouse type semi-trailer,

The vehicle inherits all the functions and uses of the container flatbed and container railing models. The vehicle compartment has an additional fence, so that the transported goods can be added to the original ones such as livestock, poultry, trees, vegetables, fruits, etc. The vehicle is suitable for long- and short-distance transportation and can make the transportation scope wider. It is loved by the majority of users in Africa. Users can customize products according to their own transportation data.

The main beam of the car is designed with manganese steel Q345B. The beam is made by fully automatic cutting and welding. The bottom of the car is made of three thick manganese steel flat plates. The door leaves are made of thickened square tubes and are made by robot welding technology, which greatly improves the product. life span.

Product parameters:

3-axle grate semi-trailer

Model AND9401

Function to carry 40ft or 2*20ft container or other things

Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 12500mm*2500mm*2200mm

Side guard 600mm or customized, fence height 1000mm

Tare weight (KG) 6950kg

Total weight (KG) 66950kg

Axle brand 3*13TON Axle AND brand

Wheelbase (mm) 7450+1310+1310

Suspension system Mechanical leaf spring suspension

Leaf spring 90(W)mm*13(thick)mm*10 layers

The main beam is made of Q345B carbon steel, the beam height is 500mm, the upper plate is 14mm, the lower plate is 16mm, and the middle plate is 8mm.

Side beam Q235 16# channel steel

Platform plate 3mm diamond plate

Container Twist Locker 12pcs container lock (optional installation)

Tire type and quantity 12R22.5 12 pcs

landing gear JOST E100

Braking System WABCO

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